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Winter Pests You Need to Prepare Your Home For

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Most homeowners dread the thought of having pests in their home. A pest infestation, of any kind, can have numerous adverse effects, not only on the property but homeowners as well.

For instance, there are some pests that can cause damage to a property, which can result in its devaluation. Furthermore, some of them can also become a cause of an outbreak of a disease or infections. Depending on the type of pest, the ultimate resort for homeowners is to rely on pest control services.

Many people believe that pest infestation is not common during winters. However, this isn’t entirely true. As a matter of fact, some pests can surface during this season in houses as they are in search of warm places and food. So, as a homeowner, you need to be prepared to face certain pests. These include:


Cockroaches cannot survive in the cold weather. Therefore, you are more likely to see them in your home during this time of the year. To avoid a cold climate, they tend to hide in living spaces, especially in the places that aren’t frequently used. You are occasionally going to find them in the kitchen or around your garbage disposal as these are the places they come to find their food.

The biggest danger cockroaches pose is that they can trigger asthma and various allergies. Furthermore, they also carry many diseases.

To ensure your home is free from a cockroach infestation, keep it properly cleaned.


Although spiders are generally harmless, their presence in your home can be unsettling for some. Furthermore, it can be a real nuisance to get rid of the web.

This type of pests is more frequently sighted during the winter season. However, the brighter side here is that you can get rid of them quite easily. You won’t need the help of a professional for this purpose. Having said that, bear in mind that if it is brown recluses or black widows, you may need to maintain your distance from the spider. These two types of spiders are dangerous.

Bed Bugs

Regardless of the climate outside, bed bugs can infest your home and make it difficult for you to have sound and restorative sleep. These tiny mites are present on our beds and blankets, in some cases clothes as well, and can lead to itchy skin, bite marks and irritation.

If you’re a frequent traveler and visit hotels often, you are more likely to bring them home with you as they are hitchhikers. Once they have made their way to your home, it can be hard to get rid of them. You would need to hire experts for this purpose. However, try to keep your home, particularly bed, as clean as possible. It minimises the chances of bed bugs infestation. Also, check for other furniture pieces such as sofas and chairs in your home for bed bugs.


These pests are attracted to light and heat. Therefore, you can experience their infestation during the winter season. Again these pests are harmless but they can devalue your home. Getting them out from your home on your own may be tough for you. Thus, you would need the services of specialists.

Rats and Mice

Some people believe that rats and mice are the same kinds of pests. But, they are not. There are significant differences between them. However, one thing is common. An infestation of either of them can prove to be harmful to you. Not only they can damage your property but lead to health risks as well. Moreover, they can also contaminate your food.

Getting rid of rats and mice won’t be easy without the services of experts. So, hire rats or mice control Surrey services to keep your home protected against them. Make sure the company you have selected is reliable and offers professional services.

To sum it up, pest infestation shouldn’t be taken lightly. Be it mice, rats, squirrels or bed bugs, you must not wait for the situation to worsen before taking action. Contact a pest control company as soon as you see the sign of infestation in your home. The earlier you take action, the better it will be for yourself and your home. Delaying it will only cause more problems.

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