Home Lifestyle Why peoples are crazier on best Vastu consultant in Ludhiana and astrologer Ludhiana?

Why peoples are crazier on best Vastu consultant in Ludhiana and astrologer Ludhiana?

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What is meant by Vastu Shastra?

The Vastu shastra is the Sanskrit term which is translated as the science of architecture. It includes many architectural designs such as arrangements, measurements, space, and layout. This is known as Vastu shastra.

What are the Vastu products are provided by the best Vastu consultant in Ludhiana?

Vastu defects are fixed with the help of Vastu products or Vastu instruments. Some of the Vastu products are provided by the rel=”dofollow”
best vastu consultant in ludhiana is given by,

  • Vastu pyramid: It is used in the properties during the property commensuration, finance activation, land and building construction, project activation, and industrial property construction. There are eight types of Vastu pyramids. They are flat max pyramid, multier pyramid, bemor pyramid, supermax pyramid, agro pyramid, education pyramid, Vastu sleep, and Pyra cap.
  • Vastu Yantra: It will help to defect the negative vibes. Some of the popular Vastu yantras are Vastu dosh nivaran yantra, Durga bias yantra, Ganesha yantra, Lakshmi Narayan yantra, and Vishnu yantra.
  • Vastu energy plate: It differs in colors and symbols for a specific purpose. These plates are known as a supernatural power. It includes the gold, silver, and copper metals.
  • Vastu gemstone: It works according to the astrological signs. It is classified into hot and cold. Hot gemstones are diamond red coral and ruby. Cold gemstones are pearl, games, and blue sapphire.
  • Vastu crystal: It is the three-dimensional structure of the transparent stone. It is made by different ethnic stones.
  • Vastu books: It has the various principles and tips in the usual language. It is also used to plot the selection, location, and placement of rooms and things in houses and offices.

What is meant by astrology?

It is the one of the study of movement and relative position of the celestial bodies which is having an influence on the human affairs and the natural world. It is known as astrology.

An astrologer is a person who uses the astrology to predict the character and future of the person by using a horoscope. They are known as an astrologer.

What are the methods are used by the astrologer in Ludhiana?

The methods are used by the rel=”dofollow”
astrologer ludhiana to predict your character and future is given by,

  • Vedic astrology: It is the main system of the Indian astrology. It will predict the future depending upon the birth time, place, and date.
  • Jaimini astrology: It is more popular in South India which is quite similar to the Vedic astrology. It will forecast the future by the position of the planets.
  • Horary astrology: It is based on the questions. It does not include any calculations.
  • Palmistry: This method will predict the future based on the lines and mount on the hands, physical structure, and shapes of hands and legs which include nails also.
  • Lal-Kitab astrology: It is an exotic method of astrology.

Apart from these different methods are tarot card reading, numerology, Chinese astrology, crystal ball, loshu chakra, ramala, Nandi Nadi Jyotish, and more.

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