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Ultimate overview of global surrogacy costs

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Before to get the decision to start the healthy surrogacy process, parents are concerned about the cost of the process is expected. They are looking for different options to choose one at a more affordable price. Knowing about global surrogacy costs is required.

Global surrogacy cost is not the same, or static. Worldwide it is a large difference in the fees, for each specific process of surrogacy and the various factors that are involved.

The following will discuss some significant details on the global surrogacy costs

Keeping the global surrogacy costs

Several features can be described about the global surrogacy charges. Actually, surrogacy is a highly charged program and involves many factors.  Some factors are important and cannot be avoided. The other elements are other than somewhat less significant.

Here are some factors related to the global process. These have been divided according to their values.

Factors of primarily important

  • IVF cycle or clinics ( fertility ) fees combined with medical process fees.
  • Replacement of surrogate mother.
  • Health agency fees.
  • Legal fees for substitution agreements.

Factors of secondarily important

  • Residence affects overall health care costs. This surrogate mother replacement varies between different countries. For example, the surrogate mother claims that the East European countries are lower than in the United States
  • Health procedure charges in the places/countries that the surrogacy program and babies delivery are maintained.

The cost of surrogacy procedure in different countries


In the United States, the fee of surrogacy varies between different states. The cost of surrogacy in the United States is about $ 85,000 to $ 155,000 on average, largely based on surrogacy activities in particular. There are also medical procedure charges and legal changes. The main factors that contribute to surrogacy costs in the United States are the cost of the display, Medical payments, legal pricing, and insurance premiums charged.


Compared to the United States, the price of surrogacy procedures in Ukraine 50-70% of the better cost. The most important benefit of performing surrogacy in Ukraine is cheap prices. The average cost in Ukraine is $ 40,000 to $ 45,000. However, the charges may vary depending on whether the parents mean tests or egg aid. Also, it depends on the number of IVF technology cycles needed for a successful pregnancy. Visit vientre de alquiler precio ucrania for surrogacy costs in Ukraine.


Canada is a country that can afford secular spending.  The normal surrogacy cost in Canada is CAD 85000that assimilator USD 75,000. For surrogacy to take place in Canada, there is a budget of around $80,000. Many of the various contributing factors to Canada’s total surrogacy price include IVF technology cycling, birth clinic selection, and the residency.


In Greece, surrogacy is kind of an expensive procedure. Surrogacy’s average price is between 100,000 and 85,000 dollars. The total cost can be mentioned in various fees as obstetrics clinics and surrogacy agency fees.


The average amount of surrogacy charge is from $ 40,000 to 80,000, which is slightly less than the other countries. In Georgia also the price of surrogacy varies based on various factors. This includes fees for medical examinations, transfer of the embryo, compensation of surrogate, etc.


The average cost is from $ 15,000 to 100,000 in Australia. Such large changes in price as an important contribution, the cost of fertility. It is largely the success of the treatment depends on the selection of treatments by the parents and also the success of the treatment.


Kenya is a country where the cheapest for religion. Kenya is an option that can be achieved most parents expect their requirements to a very low price. Currently, Kenya’s surrogacy cost is usually from $ 30,000 to 38,000.

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