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Muslim Friendly Destinations to Spend Your Vacations

Top 5 Muslim Friendly Destinations to Spend Your Vacations

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If you are fond of exploring new places with diverse cultures, then it means you love traveling. Muslims mostly prefer halal places to spend most of their time freely with their families. The number of Muslim friendly destinations are increasing rapidly which increases tourism. Muslims prefer to visit Muslim-friendly places that made them feel at home. They tend to spend their time in style without changing their habits that’s why they want halal holidays. One of the most important points they consider while selecting a place is food, whether they will get halal food or not. They try to stay away from those things that are strictly forbidden in Islam. If you like to experience stunning countries that deliver special and exciting adventures when it comes to Muslim friendly destinations. Then there are places that are genuinely embellished by beautiful cultures and beliefs, and you get to meet and find a lot regarding them. Going on vacations will definitely relax your mind from the tough routine of your life. It’s a way to divert your mind towards the best with no worries. A lot of Muslims prefer to perform Umrah by visiting Saudi Arabia and feel calm by staying closer to their Lord. Similarly, some people have already performed their religious pilgrimage and want more places to discover. But still, through halal tourism, you get to visit a lot of spiritual and historical places. Many countries are enriched with several spiritual landmarks that Muslims can visit on their vacations. Many new sites are getting discovered day by day because of which tourism is expanding. Vacations free yourself from daily tensions and you get back calmly with a clear mind and positive attitude. Plan your holidays well by taking into account your budget and you’ll definitely fall in love with those places. There are so many Muslim friendly destinations for solo travel and with families as well. Following are some of the highly recommended places for you to visit on your upcoming vacations:

  • Bodrum, Turkey

Almost 98% of the population living in Turkey are Muslims which ensures that Muslim tourists have nothing to fear about. Turkey offers a lot of amazing facilities for its visitors in terms of food, prayer places, and beautiful eye-catching sites. Turkey’s cuisines are quite famous and you’ll surely love them. Turkey has a range of UNESCO World Heritage Sites documenting historical and cultural impacts of history and numerous stunning architectures and majestic mosques. Most visitors prefer Istanbul but if you want to explore something new that is Bodrum, where you can take a Turkish bath (Hamam), visit old Bodrum castle, resorts, and many more.

  • Fez, Morocco

Morocco has a vast variety of places for tourists. It is also a Muslim country so you can enjoy the perfect time. The vibrant and lively culture, the great restaurants, and the historic architecture are more than enough to bring astonishment to everyone, whether Muslim or not. It has many magnificent mosques that become attractions for tourists. Fez is an amazing city to visit, it depicts its cultural heritage and is the perfect destination for art lovers. Remarkable art museums, historical buildings catch the attention of travelers.

  • Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Mecca is the most visited city of Saudi Arabia offering a wide variety of religious landmarks. Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country that Muslims visit to perform Umrah around the year through all-inclusive Umrah packages. Hajj is the world’s largest gathering that occurs in Mecca once a year. Moreover, there are a lot of beautiful restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls that people visit after their pilgrimage. It’s a perfect destination visited by people to spend their time in the path of Allah Almighty.

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi is a perfect destination for luxurious travel. It is amongst one of the strongest economies with the greater Muslim community. Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the UAE where you can get relaxed holidays. Top sights to be visited include Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Mangrove Kayaking Tours, Ferrari World, Boat Tours, and a lot more. This Muslim friendly destination is the most desired place for tourists to visit.

  • Lombok, Indonesia

It is the most admired place of nature lovers and it offers cool Halal tourism. Consists of a lot of islands that are mainly volcanic, Indonesia has a predominantly Muslim community, which ensures you’ll be happy and satisfied. From halal restaurants to the accommodation you can get everything at affordable rates. Bali is the most flocked one in Indonesia but if you want a soothing & pacifying experience then choose Lombok. For divers and snorkelers, it’s a great destination.

Above all are some of those destinations that you must add to your list and plan to visit with your family and relatives. Several agencies can take you there as per your budget requirements. Make sure to visit them!

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