Thing You Should Check Before Having A Water Purifier

These days water purifier is the need of every household as it brings contamination-free water all the time irrespective of the source of water. But for this, one needs to have the best and modern technology-based water purifier at their doorstep.

Buying the best and reliable water purifier is not as easy as a wide range of water purifiers is available in the Indian market. And due to this, the selection of the water purifier becomes difficult. Keeping in mind these difficulties, we have listed some of the crucial factors which you must check before paying for the water purifier. However, you can also connect with the Aquaguard Customer Care Delhi store to get the best and expert help.

Crucial Factor To Consider Before Buying Water Purifier

We have done several research to bring this excellent article for you. Below is some factor that one should never ignore; otherwise, they may buy the wrong water purifier product at a higher price.

Water Purification Technology

A water purifier is based on various water purification technology, and all the technology have their advantages and disadvantages. So understand these water purification technology then and adequately buy the best water purifier for your home. Here we have focused on 2 widely used water purification technology, which are

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO Technology)

This water purification technology is widely used, and it is capable of eliminating all kinds of water impurities present in water. In this water purification technology, a semi-permeable membrane contains several tiny pores. These tiny pores eliminate all those particles whose size is more than the size of the pores. The membrane’s pore size is the RO water purifier is too small so that even human hair can not pass through it.

  • Ultraviolet Rays (UV Technology)

This water purification technology uses UV rays to eliminate the bulb, and this bulb destroys the UV rays to stop the water pollutant. The UV technology-based water purifier only eliminates the microbial contaminant from the water. This water purifier does not eliminate another form of water pollutant from the water.

  • Power Supply

Are you living in those areas where power outage is high? If yes, you should consider buying a water purifier with sufficient storage; otherwise, you may lack pure water. However, you can also look for a non-electrical water purifier. A non-electrical water purifier works on gravity rather than electricity.

  • After Sales Services

It does not matter which water purifier you have at your house; you need to get your water purifier service done regularly to work efficiently for a longer duration. So, before you pay for the water purifier, check the Aquaguard Customer Care available in your area.

  • Budget

All the water purifier is best, so you do not need to go for those water purifiers higher than your budget. It means that you need to fix your budget then try to buy the best product under your budget. This will help you to get the best deal on your water purifier.


Above mentioned factors are crucial, and one should consider them carefully; otherwise, people may end up buying the wrong product at a higher price. However, you can contact the nearest water purifier service provider to get a mindblowing deal on a water purifier.

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