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The significance of environmental monitoring in this day and age

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We need to be observant of our surroundings now more than ever. With the advancement of technology we have progressed at such a high speed causing irreparable damage to the environment and the eco system. We as humans have forgotten that we are interconnected with the environment and that which we do to the environment has a direct effect on our lives as well. Over the years as science and technology has advanced to great lengths the human race is under the illusion that we are in control of all things on the planet. Yet time and again, there are situations, where nature baffles us. There are some environmental problems that we are still trying to find solutions for. And most often, nature outsmarts us at every corner.




Over the years our eco system has changed immensely for the worse and we are responsible for such changes that are taking place in the environment around us. We have come to a place in life, where we create so much damage and harm to the environment and then spend millions of dollars trying to find solutions to rectify the mistakes that we created. One of the ways we can stay in tune with nature is to observe and monitor the changes in the environment and atmosphere. With the advancement of technology there are various new tools and equipment created to help us monitor the environment around us. For an example we can use an anemometer to measure the pace and direction of the wind and we use various tools for water quality monitoring, air quality monitoring and weather monitoring. Just like how we monitor our own health from time to time, we can receive many benefits by monitoring the health of the environment as well.

By continuously monitoring the environment we can get a feel of the changes that happen in the environment. Climate and weather changes do not occur over night, as most weather and climate changes happen over a period of time, giving us ample signals and indications of the changes that are taking place in the environment. When we monitor the environment carefully, such observations can help us predict future environmental disasters that could take place. When accurate predictions can be made about such possible disasters, we can prevent many damages that can be caused to human lives as well as property.

Not only prevention of environmental disasters but monitoring the environment can have many other benefits too. When you monitor the quality of the air, water, and soil, you can come to conclusions about the possible threats to human health that is imposed in the environment. Not only humans, but also we have an ability to come up with creative solutions to save wildlife and aquaculture as well. Environmental monitoring also help us prevent pollution or even in the least control it. Environmental monitoring also help in scientific research for scientists to come up with breakthrough solutions that can have an immense impact on the lives of humans on the planet, and also help in many ways to manage the resources of acertain region.




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