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Testosterone diet

Testosterone Levels- What to Eat to Raise It

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An adequate diet is also vital for the functioning of the endocrine system and the secretion of testosterone… The most critical issue when establishing a pro-testosterone diet is the supply of calories and individual macronutrient distribution. If you want to increase testosterone in the long term, you should be on a zero or positive caloric balance. A long-term reduction diet with a low energy supply results in a decrease in the amount of testosterone. There is, however, one exception. If you are obese or excessively overweight, you will increase testosterone using the classic reduction diet.

Additionally, fat should make up 30 percent of your caloric intake in your diet. Notably, 1/3 of the overall Fat intake should be saturated fatty acids. Therefore, the products that increase testosterone levels will be mainly animal products containing a significant amount of cholesterol. As it turns out, cholesterol supplied with food is the best stimulator of testosterone production in our body.

If you are afraid of its negative impact on your circulatory system, stop. Cholesterol does not cause atherosclerosis as has been mistakenly believed for years. If you are physically active, you should consume more of it. Therefore, it is worth to include such sources of protein and fat in your diet as:

Protein and fat sources recommended in pro testosterone diets:

  • fatty meats
  • fatty fish
  • eggs
  • lard, butter
  • cheese
  • coconut oil

These are just examples of the protein and fat products necessary for testosterone production. It is also worth considering the appropriate supplementation with vitamin D3 and, if necessary, with zinc and omega-three acids. The topic of the impact of diet on testosterone levels is extensive, so if you want to learn more about it, I recommend reading the article: testosterone and diet – what to eat to increase its amount.

Testosterone levels and sleep

Sleep deprivation and testosterone

All scientific studies clearly show that sleep deprivation causes a decrease in testosterone levels. I mean both a permanent lack of sleep and a one-time reduction of sleep time. With chronic sleep deprivation, testosterone levels are consistently low. In the second case, it returns to normal after sleeping off.

Changes in hormone secretion may prove the invaluable role of sleep in the production of testosterone. Well, when we are empty, the amount of cortisol, the so-called stress hormone, increases. Its increased values ​​have an extremely negative effect on the entire hormonal balance of the body. They are known for their influence on body composition and fat burning. It turns out that it also affects the level of testosterone.

That is why it is essential to take care of the right amount of sleep and reduce stress in everyday life as much as possible. The body will undoubtedly repay us by increasing testosterone, thanks to which we will have more energy, gain self-confidence, and increase libido. As an example of the influence of sleep on this male hormone’s secretion, I will cite the study. Participants in the trial of 531 men were tested for testosterone levels after sleeping 4 and 8 hours a day. It turned out that people who sleep shorter lowered their testosterone levels by as much as 60%. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the right amount of sleep if your goal is to increase testosterone levels. Vidalista 20  and Kamagra Oral Jelly is the best source to increase testosterone levels

Testosterone is the primary male hormone that mobilizes our muscles. It also affects our behavior, confidence, and willingness to require risks. However, it does drop sometimes. This process occurs automatically at a slow pace, and that we can observe its beginning around 30 years old.

This condition may be caused by improper diet, lack of exercise, excess alcohol, or incorrect supply of testosterone from the skin (in the shape of steroids or drugs). Then we can observe faster accumulation of fat (especially within the abdomen), reduction within the mass and quality of muscles, and difficulties in building them. Maintaining the correct level of testosterone isn’t only crucial for athletes.

Every man should be sure of him. Low testosterone levels increase the chance of heart condition and are usually related to type 2 diabetes, loss of muscle and bone mass, glandular carcinoma, and depression. The amount of this hormone is individual for everybody, and also, the body will strive to take care of the state it’s in its ordering. Of course, there are methods to extend their quantity. Today we take a glance at what we can do when testosterone isn’t enough. Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200 also help to increase testosterone levels

Factors influencing the reduction of testosterone levels the most characteristic is controlling the amount of testosterone within the body because of the genetic information stored in our genes, but we don’t seem to be able to change this aspect directly. Factors that lower testosterone includes: stress, depression, irregular, insufficient sleep, improper eating, little physical activity.

Natural ways to extend testosterone levels So, if we are long over puberty and that we slowly feel the decrease within the group of this crucial hormone for us, manifesting itself in: mood swings, less libido, increased level of animal tissue, depressive thoughts, sleep problems, we’ve got several options to resolve this problem on our own, including herbal preparations and minerals.

Unfortunately, most of them are products that temporarily increase testosterone levels, and without changing your lifestyle and habits, the effect is short-lived. However, if the testosterone level is worrying us, it’s worth visiting a specialist and performing even necessary blood tests, including testosterone and free testosterone tests.


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