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​Best Window Treatments – Sun Screen Roller Shades

Sliding windows doors let you enjoy a broad view of the outdoors. They also help to connect you with the natural world. You may have trouble finding the right window treatment for you. These large Sliding Glass Door Glass doors can slide horizontally and are equipped with hand levers and locks.

We’ve selected five of the most popular styles so you can choose the right option.


Louver Shop will help you personalize your order. Your home can look exactly like you imagined it. There are many color options, fabrics, and smart operating system options.


Panels for sliding shutters

Plantation shutters might not seem like the best choice for covering your patio doors. The bypass or bifold shutters offer great energy efficiency. Or match them with the rest of your shutters. They can be folded up or down to give privacy where you need it.

Sun Screen Roller Shades

Louver Shop will help you select the right material, color, and size for your plantation shutter. We offer four premium bypass and two-folding styles. They range from American hardwood and polymer to a mix of both.


Our shutters require no maintenance and come with a lifetime limited guarantee.

Hunter Douglas’ sheer shades look similar to curtains, but are blinds-like. The shades can be made of opaque, semi-opaque, and sheer fabrics to reflect harsh sunlight.

The fabric’s adjustable vanes are free of cords and float between them for privacy and light control. Silhouette(r). shades have been a household favorite for over 25 years. This window treatment has many options, and you can choose from different colors and fabrics to make it your own.

Looking for room-darkening capabilities? Duo lite(r), an upgraded roller shade, can make your shades more room-darkening.


Sliding Panels

Hunter Douglas Skyline(r) sliding panel is the perfect choice for modern design. These high-end vertical blinds made of wide fabric fabrics are a modern take on panel track blinds. When closed, the panels show off their fashionable fabrics and textures.

There are more options than 600 to choose from when customizing your sliding panel. You can choose from a variety of colors and textures, as well as different opacities.


Honeycomb Shades

Did you know that up to three-quarters of your home’s heating and cooling are lost through your windows?

Honeycomb shades are a great option to improve your home’s energy efficiency, especially for large openings like sliding windows doors. This window covering is drape-like and comes in soft fabric colors.

You can choose from single- or double-cell construction to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Duetter(r), a multi-layer fabric system with five air pockets that are insulating, offers one of the best energy-efficient solutions.


Roman Shades

Roman shades are a versatile option for covering Sliding Glass Door Glass Doors.

When raised they fold or stack into neat pleats. They also provide a smooth, drape-like look when lowered. Solera will save you energy and look great. This hybrid window treatment looks similar to a Roman shade but provides the strong insulation capabilities of a honeycomb-style shade.

A full range of premium woven and nonwoven fabrics will be available to you for customizing your shades. Vignette allows you to do that without having to use cords.

There are a number of sheer, room-darkening, and light-filtering fabrics that you can choose. Louver Shop also offers the option to upgrade Vignette shades to include, for increased insulation, or Duo lite (r) for blackout capability. You will be able to see the fabric samples and styles up-close.

Additionally, you will receive expert assistance by your local consultant. You get all this for nothing, right in the comfort of your own home.

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