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Road Trip Destinations near Manila

Top five Road Trip Destinations near Manila.

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Road trips emerged as a popular trend of late, and people are increasingly favoring road trips to nearby local attractions as they seem to be a safer option to satisfy their wanderlust (without much apprehension over health and safety) amid this pandemic. Whether you are looking for some amazing places for a weekend road trip from Manila or planning a detailed itinerary to make the most of your future trip to the city, here’s a list of top five road trip destinations near Manila that you must check out (and add to your itinerary)! We also have a piece of advice for travelers wishing to fly to the Philippines –booking cheap flights with iEagle can save you a good amount on airfare!

Tagaytay, Cavite:

Boasting pleasantly cool weather and a wide array of tourist attractions and activities, Tagaytay is perhaps the most popular road trip destination near Manila (just a 2-hour drive from Metro Manila). Enjoy the picturesque views of Taal Lake and Volcano, unwind at the city’s massive parks like Picnic Grove or People’s Park in the Sky, and invoke the kid in you by indulging in the fun activities at Sky Ranch (a theme park). When you make a pit stop, never miss out on trying Bulalo, Tagatay’s famous soup-like dish cooked with beef shanks and vegetables.

Batangas, Luzon:

How about driving to a beach destination? Located south of Manila, Batangas is well-known for its beaches, beach resorts, diving sites, mountains, lakes, rivers, and old churches. However, the breathtaking beaches spread around Nasugbu, Anilao, Laiya, are its primary draw. Batangas is often a preferred road trip destination near Manila for all the beach bums. If you are up for some adventure, go diving at Anilao or visit Pico de Loro which offers a range of activities like hiking, boat riding, pony rides, etc.

Puning Hot Spring and Restaurant, Pampanga:

Puning Hot Spring and Restaurant, situated in Pampanga, is one of the best short road trip destinations near Manila if you wish to leave everything behind and develop a deeper connection with yourself. What can you do here? As soon as your drive ends at Puning Hot Spring and Restaurant, head to hot springs and take a refreshing dip to wash away the fatigue. Try out the volcanic sand spa, in which warm sand will be spread over your entire body and your tired muscles will be given a relaxing bare-footed massage. What next? It’s time to treat your hungry stomach to a hearty meal! We are sure you’ll love this experience, and it only leaves you wanting more!

Tanay, Rizal:

Pack your camping gear and drive towards Tanay! Why camping gear, you ask? It’s because you could spend a good amount of time in the lap of nature by setting up a camp at the campgrounds of Tanay’s WK Forest Reserve (These campsites can be reached by means of a 4×4 vehicle or a motorcycle). You could also check out Masungi Geo reserve, whose hiking trails offer you an exhilarating experience of crossing hanging bridges, rope courses, and steep slopes. The scenic views of the surrounding limestone peaks, lush montane rainforests, and the 360-degree views of the Sierra Madre mountain range and Laguna de Bay from a spot called ‘Sapot’ will blow you away!

Laguna, Luzon:

Laguna, a rather unexplored place located in the Calabarzon region of Luzon Island, is home to several stunning waterfalls that have remained the best-kept secrets of dense rainforests for a long time. This beautiful place is rife with historical, cultural, and natural attractions and deserves a spot among the top road trip destinations near Manila. Laguna provides you an opportunity to partake in many interesting activities –  you can go river rafting in Majayjay, swim in the hot springs of Calamba, enjoy the rides at the Enchanted Kingdom, explore San Pablo’s Seven Lakes, visit Lake Caliraya, Pagsanjan Falls, Hulugan Falls, and stay in one of Laguna’s beautiful resorts.


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