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Planning a funeral during the COVID19 pandemic

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The global pandemic of COVID19 has changed the lives of everybody on the planet. Things that we took for granted like meeting with friends and public gatherings have become unthinkable events. The global pandemic has taken so many lives during the last year and continues to affect the lives of all humans, wherever you may be from. We have adopted a new normal situation, where we maintain physical distance from one another and isolate ourselves from society as much as possible. This really is a new way of life and as you must already know it has had some negative effects on so many of our lives.

One of the biggest inconveniences that the global pandemic has brought forth is the restriction on public gatherings. Even if you can make your mind of not attending fun events and parties, there are events like funerals that you do not want to miss. Especially if it’s someone you loved and if they happen to pass on, during this pandemic season even though it’s difficult, you would want to be there to pay your last tributes to the deceased. Therefore planning a funeral has become very tough during this time.

If you are faced with such a situation, here are some guidelines that may help you in planning a small ceremony and a funeral all the while adhering to the health guidelines issued by the authorities.  Since it is going to be a small event you may be able to sit with your funeral director and discuss the essential parts that are going to be included in the planning of the funeral and decide on the funeral services cost accordingly.

funeral services cost

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You may also want to check with the local authorities about the guidelines they have issued with regard to conducting funeral services. When you have knowledge about the regulations and guidelines you can also advice others and organize a funeral service that is keeping with all the safety rules. It will be helpful to have a few ushers who will guide any visitors on the safety measures to be taken at the funeral. It is also important that you limit the crowd as much as possible. If you by any chance anticipate a big crowd, you can make sure that only a small group is taken in to pay respect and tributes to the deceased at a time. It is also important that the crowd maintains physical distancing at all times. This is another time having ushers would be helpful, as they will keep reminding the gathering to maintain distance from one another.

When you are hiring a caterer for the funeral, it is important that you make sure that the catering company follows safety and health guidelines given to professionals in such a business by the local authorities. When you have obtained such certification by the caterer you can inform the visitors that the food is safe to consume. Also make sure that nobody shares handkerchiefs, tissues, or any other material from hand to hand as it creates a chance of spreading the disease.

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