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How to Select the Best Cabinet Hardware for Your Home?

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Whenever you make a decision to get your home or a certain portion of your home renovated, the selection of the cabinet door hardware is one of the most important tasks at hand. In reality, the cabinet door handles and kitchen cabinets themselves are the frequent touchpoints in your home,

At the same time, it is this cabinet hardware that provides the finished look to your home. Now the market is filled with multiple options when it comes to hardware. We are here to help you make the right choice. Stay tuned till the end.

Never Compromise on Quality

As already mentioned, that your cabinet hardware contributes to the overall functionality of your home. Hence, you must never compromise on its quality. It should be durable and easy to use. So make sure you do not become miser when investing in this part of your home.

Keep Your Comfort in Perspective

In addition to good quality hardware, make sure it is comfortable to use as well. Nothing is more irritating than the hardware which does not function properly no matter how aesthetic it looks.

The purpose of any hardware is to open or close a cabinet through hands. So, you must select the type that can easily be gripped into your hands. Also, the size of this hardware should completely fit the size of your hand. These are small tests you must conduct when you go to the market for buying hardware.

Certain things that you should keep in mind are:

  • The edges should be properly made and not cause any harm
  • Hardware must fit into the grip of your hands
  • Make sure whatever you buy, gives you benefits in the long term,

However, you should still never compromise on your comfort and ease over aesthetics. This is especially true for the hardware you choose for your kitchen cabinets; it should be highly practical and functional.

Types of the Cabinet Knobs: Which one to opt for?

The real question that any homeowner asks is regarding the type of hardware they should select for their home. After all, this decision will directly influence the functionality of your home. Even though there is no one right answer to this question but listed below are some choices you have:

The Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet knobs are usually the first option people opt for. They are relatively easy to install anywhere. They hinge at a single point and hence can be replaced easily if the need arises. The square shaped knobs come with a special pin that prevents them from rotating too much.

The T-Bars Style Knobs

T-Bar style knobs are the latest version of knobs being used in modern style homes these days. They are pretty easy to install and end up looking pretty as well.

The Pull Handles

Pulls cabinet door Handles are the ultimate premium style hardware that provides a luxurious look but does not compromise on functionality at the same time.

The Edge Style Pulls

Edge Style Pull handles are a type of contemporary hardware that is installed on the edge of your drawers or doors. They are either installed horizontally or vertically on the edge and end up providing a great finished look.

What About No Handles At All?

If you wish to go totally out of the box then you can opt for no hardware at all. However, this option has its own set of drawbacks that you must keep in mind:

  • Drawers or cabinets can automatically open if somebody leans on them and can cause injuries as well
  • They require effort to be pushed closed completely,
  • You can destroy the paintwork on your cabinets and drawers because frequent fingerprints and dirty handprints will be left on the surface,

At times, you do require a handle otherwise functionality and comfort get compromised.

Choose the Correct Style

To complete the overall look and design of your home during your renovation project, the selection of the hardware style is one of the most important things. However, before you opt for a particular style, keep in mind the structure of your home and whether your chosen hardware compliments it or not.

Usually, you can choose from three styles of hardware:

  • Contemporary,
  • traditional,
  • transitional,

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