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How Double Glazed Windows will Work in Your House

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Are you planning to renovate your house and increase overall value? If yes, then you should consider if you want to install single or double glazing windows. Most people know that double glazed option ensure to provide better insulation than normal windows and they cost more than single glazing. Make sure you know how the double glazing windows work so that you can decide whether or not they are the right choice for your house. You may hire professionals who can help with double glazing repairs at Surrey Glaziers based on your requirement.


How double glazing windows work


Double glazed option has more space in between two glass panes that can form a double glazing window. The trapped air present in the space can provide three functions:


  • It acts in the form of insulation for lessening the passage of hot or cold air in between the inside and the outside of your house.


  • Double glazed option can avoid condensation from taking place inside the house when it is warm inside and cold outside.


  • Double glazing can lessen noise pollution by decreasing the ability of outside noise to pass through window glass.


Though double glazing repair windows offer proper insulation from hot air temperatures, they do not provide much insulation due to heat. When direct sunlight passes through the windows, the heat will pass in an unobstructed way. Hence, special ultraviolet or UV light can block window tinting that works effectively for single as well as double glazing option.


All double glazing windows are not the same


What is present within air cavity between glass panes can create a major difference to their overall performance. Standard windows usually trap in natural air between glass panes which are very effective though other glazing methods seem to be much more effective:


  • Nitrogen gas that has been filled with cavities can enhance the properties of insulation.


  • Argon is said to be another kind of gas used in the manufacture of double glazing option. According to emergency glaziers, the manufacturers of such windows consider argon to be more effective when compared to nitrogen.


  • Laminated glass windows have a thin plastic membrane in between the two glass layers. These can be used in the commercial structures and found for domestic use. They offer better insulation and are shatterproof.


  • Thermal glass consists of a thin membrane that has been designed to cut ultra violet radiation and avoid heat from passing through. This kind of glass can be used in the manufacture of skylights.


Thus, your ultimate choice of windows actually depend on the amount of insulation you will need and if or not the windows can be exposed to sunlight. If a major part of the problem is heat from sunlight, then the installation of double glazing windows can increase their effectiveness to a great extent. Hire 24 hour glazing at Surrey Glaziers who can help in installing these windows effectively so that you may not face unnecessary problems in your house.


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