Guide to prepare before pregnancy

Schedule a test.

Since you need two to make a tasty effective tango, you and your partner should include pre-pregnancy tests on the agenda. In this exam, your fitness issuer will prevent you and your family from fitness history issues. The examination should be examined in addition to your trustee if your immunization update. Cikanpoks and rubella are two basic challenges of your soul. If you are free of all symptoms, you should get the vaccine, three months before trying to conceive. Both “live” vaccines during pregnancy because are still not encouraging.

Learn how to stop your delivery control.

If you use a barrier startup management system such as a condom or diaphragm, you can use it until the day you start the “try”. But if you were initially on pills, you would now prefer to switch to any other birth control method. Some women retain oral contraceptives and then start breastfeeding directly, but for others, it can take months.

See a dentist.

Gum disease is associated with premature birth, so see a dentist make sure you have the right dental fitness before you become pregnant. If you need dental treatment, X-rays, or atoms, take care of it before you try to conceive.

Chronic Fitness Conditions: Women with persistent fitness requirements, such as high blood pressure, thyroid disease, diabetes, epilepsy, coronary heart disease, or lupus, may need to manage them with caution. For girls with diabetes and pre-pregnancy are great if they have controllable blood sugar levels. If a doctor suspects that you are at risk for a pre-pregnancy test, you should be tested for diabetes. Particular attention should be paid to women who experience frustration or anxiety or struggle with past anger issues, especially for madre surrogata.

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Increase your nutritional intake of vitamins and vegetables.

Start eating whole grains, fruits, and greens every day, and reduce the amount of fat that is bad for your health. Also, think about increasing your intake of iron and calcium-rich foods and taking multivitamin supplements. With nutritional vitamins, A or D, make sure you don’t overdo it. (Recommended: Nutrition A, up to 770 micrograms, up to 3,000 mg; Diet D, up to 5 mcg, up to 50 mg)

Assess your weight.

If you are overweight, try to gain 15 pounds of your goal before pregnancy, try to conceive, and then switch to a safe diet of 1800 servings per day. Obese mothers have a higher chance of developing high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, obesity, babies, and cesarean section.

In fact, significant weight loss is no longer healthy. Women are more likely to have problems, premature births, low birth weight babies, babies, or anemia.

Connect with the (Fitness) program.

If you already have a daily health habit, (unless you are involved in a marathon or extreme sport, you should consult a doctor to ensure that it does not affect your fertility) to continue all your skills. If you came up with a sofa instead of a heart, think about starting this app – you can walk around during pregnancy. It can help you relieve pregnancy pain and discomfort during pregnancy and strengthen you physically.

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Get rid of your smoking habit.

Women who smoke have a higher risk of miscarriage and stillbirth, premature birth, and low birth weight. Children of smoking mothers are at high risk for many fitness problems, including SIDS.

Stop drinking alcohol.

You can determine safe alcohol consumption during pregnancy, to stop eating as soon as you start trying. To conceive. Mothers who drink alcohol at some point during pregnancy are more likely to have miscarriages, stillbirths, low birth weight babies, or high birth weight babies. In addition to alcohol, sperm charges can be reduced, and cannabis use reduces sperm density and follicles and increases the normal sperm range.


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