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Easy Steps to Fix Your Blown Fuse at Home

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One of the most common electrical issues we have is the frequent tripping of circuit breakers. Having electrical problems is always a dreaded situation as power outage is always accompanied with lots of inconveniences. Luckily, fixing a blown fuse is not as difficult as you have it imagined in your head. It is something that any individual with the basic knowledge of electricity, the right set of tools and a steady hand can get done.

If you feel you cannot handle it, contact an emergency electrician in London right away.

Why do fuses get blown?

Once a week at least, you will hear something about a fuse getting blown, so why does this happen? Basically, when the amount of electric load is greater than the maximum load the circuit is made to carry, the fuse becomes overheated, and gets blown. Blown fuses are actually safety measures taken to prevent further electrical accidents. When your fuse gets blown, it disconnects power from the house, stopping any possible shock or short circuit from harming anyone.

Fixing a blown fuse

Now to get to the main point, how do you fix the fuse when it gets blown?

  1. Unplug all appliances:

All appliances especially those with high energy consuming ratings should be disconnected from outlets. Your fridge, washers, vacuum cleaners and any appliance you can lay hands on should be disconnected and all outlet switches turned off. This is because when power is restored, the initial surge might be high, damaging any appliance plugged in.

  1. Adhere to safety measures:

Protect yourself before touching any electrical equipment. Be conscious about your environment. Ensure that all wet areas are dried and your hands are also dry. Wear rubber-soled footwear and ensure that the tools you will be using are all properly insulated. Finally, turn your mains switch off.

  1. Locate your fuse box:

Your fuse box should be on the wall in your basement or garage. When you open the box, you will see a set of wires. The melted or soggy looking fuse is the fuse that has just been blown, and that is what you are trying to replace.

  1. Change the fuse:

When you locate the bad fuse, the next thing to do is check if the wire inside is melted, or the glass window located at the top has lost its colour. Usually, a completely blown fuse will have the top glass window coloured brown or black. Now, unscrew the broken fuse and remove it.

  1. Replace the fuse:

First, you must ensure that the fuse you are replacing the old one with should have the same rating with the outgoing fuse. Check to see that the ratings are the same. Better still, you can carry the blown fuse to the hardware store and ask for the exact replacement. Next screw the new fuse tightly in place. Close the box and turn the mains switch off.

Everything should now be restored. The power should be back on and stable. However, if you notice any anomaly, kindly request professional assistance. The fuse replacement skill is one that always comes in handy, as the chances of fuse getting blown will increase as the hot months draw nearer. When you go fuse shopping, it is a good idea to buy some extra fuses.

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