Custom Vertical Blinds for Windows & Doors

Custom Vertical Blinds for Windows & Doors | Homegrownminigolf

Blinds are an excellent way to reduce the light entering your home while also allowing you to adjust your privacy. You can either pull the blinds out completely or close them completely to block light.


Blinds come in a wide range of sizes and materials. This article will help you choose the right one for your home, as well as how to install window blinds vertical slats into any window.

Select the Right Style

Blinds are made using “hard” materials (e.g., vinyl or wood) instead of shades made from fabrics. Horizontal blinds feature individual blind slats. Vertical blinds have “vanes,” which refers to vertically hanging blinds. Horizontal and vertical blinds can either be used by themselves or with curtains for a more soft effect.


Horizontal window blinds vertical slats add visual appeal to small, narrow windows and can also control light and privacy. They aren’t as attractive for expansive windows. Blinds can sag in the middle because of the larger span. Horizontal blinds use individual slats to cover the entire blind when it is closed.

Custom Vertical Blinds for Windows & Doors

A wand controls a set of connected cords and allows you to adjust the slats as much or little light as you like. Horizontal blinds may also be raised/lowered as required.


Mini blinds slats are 1/2 inches wide. Retro-styles slats can reach up to 3 inches. Blinds can be made as wide as you’d like.

Vertical blinds with a top track where individual vanes hang are ideal for sliding glass patio doors and large windows. Vertical blinds can easily be removed using a wand. The wand also allows you to turn the individual vanes and adjust the light flow. Some vertical blinds work by pulling cords located on one side.

Vertical window blinds vertical slats have the same material options as horizontal blinds. There are various price points and materials available, ranging from less than $50 for no-frills versions to more than $400 for custom orders or higher-quality products.

Safety Note: Pull cords that are too long pose a risk to small children and pets. Some pull-cord models are still in production, though many blind makers have decided to stop using them. Instead, cordless window blinds vertical slats featuring an alternative operation method like a push-button lifting mechanism in the bottom rail are the best options for anyone who has toddlers at home.

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