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Creating a life that if built around the “hygge” concept

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As we go ahead with our fast moving lives, for many years we have measured success in terms of finances, wealth and other criteria which are material in nature. However, since of recent people have realized that life is not all about having so much money and wealth, but it is about being happy. For many years we thought that in order to be happy we need a lot of things in life, so we have chased our dreams and gone behind success to a level that we have all ended up in this rat race where we compete against one another and ultimately no one actually wins.

So, we have now come to realize that finding happiness in life is not such a difficult task. That is what hygge living clearly denotes. It is a concept that is built around the notion that if you enjoy the small things in life, you will ultimately live a happier and more content life. Hygge living encourages enjoying the simple pleasures of life such as the morning sunshine, smell of hot coffee, warm blankets on a cold morning and other simple pleasures that surround our lives. We are not in a habit of stopping and being grateful for all these small pleasures in life. But ultimately spend all our lives reaching for big things that we never may even have.


outdoor dining

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So, how can you incorporate hygge into your normal routine? It is simpler than you think. First start with your home, look at ways in which you can create a more hygge-centered home. One of the fundamental aspects of hygge is being closer to nature. So there are various ways in which you can incorporate this aspect into your home. You can create an outdoor dining area in your home, where you can sit and enjoy the beauty of nature while sharing a meal with your friends and family. If this sounds like a big project for you, you can try simpler things like bringing in some indoor plants inside your home, to give it more colour and also a touch of nature.

Another way of finding simple joy in your life is by spending time with your friends and family. Though we spend our lives meeting so many different kinds of people, ultimately there are only a few that you can call family. So, it is important that you take time to value these people, get to know them and spend time with them as this can be a valuable experience that you actually can’t put a price on.

Embrace your creative side more that before, as it will add greatly towards your happiness. There are various talents that are hidden inside of us that we do not embrace due to our busy lifestyles. Remember the things that you used to do when you were small that brought in a lot of happiness into your life and try and do them even as adults. Things like coloring, painting, little DIY projects can invoke creativity in us in such a way that it will add greatly to our happiness.

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