Cool Genius Retractable Screen for Single Door

Cool Genius Retractable Screen for Single Door

Genius COOL Retractable Doors FAQ – Shade Screen Solutions


The Retractable Screen Door System can be used on any type of door: single, double, in-swing, or out-swing.

Screens is a Retract view dealer that has been in operation for over 20 years. It’s now easier than ever to get fresh air into your home from the outdoors through your windows or doors. All the while keeping pests out.

It is easy to see that we do more than just screen your windows and door. We want our clients to screen their neighbors’ interior doors. Let us help all your friends keep their homes free of bugs.

The stylish, modern design of Wizard retractable screens doors will blend seamlessly into any home. Retractable Screens have a natural look that blends seamlessly into your home. Our retractable screen glides effortlessly with the help of our patented end caps.

The main structure and core of the Wizard retractable screenings are made from the best materials. The pull bar is ribbed for added strength with raised rails to ensure smooth operation. Due to its power, the frames have almost rendered screen door repairs obsolete over the past 20 years.


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Each retractable screening door is custom-made for your home. Professionally installed. All doors come complete with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor, as well as a 1-year guarantee on work.

Phantom screens are made using the technology of roll-up blinds. They can work either vertically or horizontally. The screens have a lightweight aluminum housing that provides protection for the screen material. The Phantom retractable screen is attached to an aluminum tube with the tension control device.

The Official Retractable Screen Door Southern California (also known as the Stow Away Retractable Screen Door) is a modern replacement for traditional sliding or swinging screens. Retractable screening doors attach to the exterior or inner of a door or window frame.

When not in use, the screen retracts into the protective housing canister. Retractable Screen Door screens are equipped with a spring to allow them to retract independently of the magnet. The speed at which the screen returns to the housing canister is controlled either by a Fast Close pin or Slow Close Hydraulic Speed Reducer.


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Nylon end caps wrap around both the top and bottom tracks of the pull bar to provide a smooth operation. Tracks allow the pull bar to move around the opening freely. The screen should not be attached at the top of the beginning in order to retract.

For superior protection, the mesh screen on a retractable screening system must be placed within the top or bottom tracks. Retractable Screens look great when fitted with moldings and sill adapters. When in use, the pull bar is held in place with a magnet located on the side opposite to the housing.

Common Retractable Door Installations


Retractable screens doors can also be installed on single doors, double doors, sliding doors, windows, Dutch doors, and arched doors.

Standard Frame Colors

Stow Away Retractable Window Doors are available as powder-coated, one mill color (raw iron), and three anodized colors. The standard colors include:

Wood Veneer is available in three colors, Mahogany Oak, Oak, and Pin. Wood Veneer may be stained and painted in any color you like. You must choose one of the 12 available nylon colors for the handles, ends, and magnets.

Stow Away Retractable Screen Doors are available with custom powder coating colors from Tiger Drylac. You can choose the aluminum housing, pull bars, tracks, and sill adapter from our custom colors. You can choose one of the standard nylon colors for the nylon end caps and magnets. Click the image to see the Custom Powder Coat Color Chart.

Stow Away Retractable Screen Door comes standard with a stiffened Black Fiberglass Mesh. Stiffened simply means that the mesh is baked longer, and it provides a stronger screen than typical window mesh.


Cool Genius Retractable Screen Door for Double Door

A single Stow Away Retract able screen can hold widths up to 72″. Additional Screen Mesh options are Solar No-see-um. Solar Medium. Solar Maximum. And Polyester Pet. Black Solar No-see-um mesh is thicker and more resistant to tiny gnats.

Black Solar Maximum mesh and Black Solar Medium mesh are durable solar screen materials. They allow very little airflow and can only be used to control the sun. Black Solar Medium Mesh blocks more than 80% sun-damaging UV Rays. Black Solar Maximum Mesh blocks nearly 90%. Black Polyester Pet mesh is durable and pet resistant.

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