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Best places in UK to enjoy a weekend

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Although I love traveling, Britain packs a lot in that green, and pleasant land, golden beaches, gently rolling hills, energetic London is where the true action is, city of Georgian grandeur.

England attracts visitors from around the globe sightseeing landscape; charming architecture is the best weekend break to visit, enjoy, and make it memorable for a lifetime.

England can satisfy the thirst of every type of traveler like an endless array of lovely historic cathedral cities to visit like Canterbury and Durham. Well, it has preserved evidence of the Roman era of nearly 2000 years ago in places like bath famous for its Roman baths, while fans of the Royal family can visualize with immersive tours through places like Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

One of the things I love most about the United States is its diversity. It almost feels like, the UK was designed for people loving short weekend breaks. The country is blessed with stunning natural beauty, rich history, and the most beautiful castles and places. If you are new to the UK or a foreign student, this article will help you take a good guide to spend your weekend in the best places. Being a student, you might need for studies too that you can ask for Assignment Max that offers assignment help for students at the best possible prices.

It would be an impossible task to list all that this little heaven has to offer, but here, we present the essentials of seven breathtaking places to see England at its best.

London : ( The UK’s all in one destination)

When a man is exhausted from London, he is tired of life, Samuel Johnson. One of the cosmopolitan cities of the world. People like to pour in from across the globe to visit, work, or live. From the great museum to the best shopping areas, restaurants and bars are worth seeing places. There are some famous landmarks in London which are shortlisted here.

  • The Thames:

The longest river in the UK with a length of 215 miles. The river runs through many towns, especially under the famous Tower Bridge. To enjoy the most of the River Thames is a river cruise as you pass by many famous London landmarks.

  • Big Ben:

The most famous tall clock tower is Big Ben, but now it is known as the Elizabeth Tower to mark her Diamond Jubilee.

  • Buckingham Palace:

London is also the home of the Royal family. Palace is an impressive sight; it is open for some time to visit only in the summers.

  • The London Eye:

Another iconic landmark of London, a giant observation wheel that is set next to the River Thames. London Eye is the best place to view most of the city.

The COTSWOLDS:   ( Glorious England ):

A perfect plan for a romantic weekend break. Cotswold is the prettiest corner of England. Just two hours drive from the west of London. From Cotswold, the popular nearby destination includes Bristol, with its old port area and bath famous for its Roman baths. Cotswolds was declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). You can enjoy natural England from rolling hills, sweeping meadows to pastoral villages, and dignified homes.

it includes nearly 800 square miles across five counties covered with outstanding natural beauty in England and Wales.


The upmost UK attractive little City. Bath is famous for the archaeological wonder from which its name is derived its 2000 years old Roman Baths. The city of Bath is also famous for its well preserved honey-colored Georgian houses. Some buildings have historical importance that’s why bath was granted as a World Heritage Site.

The skyline walk, a six-mile network of footpaths the offer the best views of the breathtaking area, is the best place in the bathroom.

Bath is also very famous for its top-notched festivals. But the Bath Christmas market is a great place for shopping and tourist attraction. There are many worth seeing places like Roman baths and temples.


Travelers flock to Yorkshire because of its immense beauty of landscapes that inspired the generation of painters. City boosts with the three national parks, a wild and rugged coastline, and unmatchable Victorian architecture. A huge number of travelers, almost 40 million visitors travel to enjoy the sheer beauty every year.

Again another intelligent decision to go on a weekend to Yorkshire as it is also just 2 hours far from London by train. Not just the beauty but it is also most renowned for its Yorkshire pudding.

York: (walled city)

One of the most historic city is York. It was established by the Romans. It is the capital of Yorkshire one of the largest counties in the UK. It has an impressive historic structure, like glorious York minster, the cities amazing well preserved Medieval Cathedral. York City is unchanged for 700 years, many of these historic buildings are now home to boutiques, shops, and tea rooms.

The real excitement is to explore the cities medieval wall that remains unchanged for centuries.


It is full of most crazy, colorful, and ingenious people. It is a cool seaside town on the South Coast of England. Brighton could claim to be England’s party capital. The pebbled seaside, pier’s amusement arcade and the Royal are the major worth site places. Pubs and clubs lovers can also satisfy their thirst in Brighton.

The evening of Brighton is epic with filled night clubs. Festival runs throughout the year, showcasing pride, music, arts, and more. It is a heaven for foodies with left out-  pop-up kitchens, Vegetarian fair, and of-course seafood. Beautiful pebbled beaches, exotic seaside Palace, ornate gardens, amusement, and observation tower to catch the unforgettable moments of an amazing experience of highly, historic, beautiful views of one’s lifetime.

The University Of Oxford:

Oxford is a great weekend getaway destination for learners. An easy 55 minutes train ride from London. Oxford is a historic city and a primary and European center for arts, technology, and revolution. The city is famous as “dreaming spires”.

Two rivers across the Oxford, the Cherwell, and the Thames, that’s why Oxford got its name “Ford of the oxen”. The historic center of Oxford is small enough to tour on foot. There are plenty of other ways to visit this beautiful area, as well as open bus tours, walking tours, and river cruises.

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