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8 Tips for Getting The First 1000 Followers on Twitter

After January 2017, Twitter has 317 million monthly active users. This gives your rising fan base a total of 317 million possibilities. Get Twitter followers these days is a modern vouch for your character and craft or social media adherents. An excellent follow-up proves that you are worth keeping up with promoters, business leaders, and potential fans, and can attract a crowd as an artist. So, today we’re going to delve into 13 tips to help you crack the mark in no time.


1. Choose a handle near your name Twitter


In this way, if you want to follow or tweet, people will quickly search for you. The fan does not make your fans memorize so many special things about you as much as possible like the one of your Instagram. Coherence is important. For a good example, see below with R3HAB, who on both his Twitter and Instagram is using the same exact name, for a good example:


2. For an outstanding photo profile


Maybe the same picture on your Spotify or Soundcloud is used so that people know you. Keep clean and clear so that people know that you are real (and professional).


The profile photo of R3HAB is successful as it is high quality and the majority of the circular frame is taken from its image. Make sure you follow the latest picture resolution and size requirements from Twitter. Sprout Social alerts directives such as this in one location daily.


3. More than words tweet


According to a Social Tweet Buffer study, image tweets are likely to become twice as engaged as non-images. People also noticed the details on the tweet more often, when it accompanied a picture, so people will think about you more and talk about it more. You can tweet pictures, videos, photographs, GIFs, snapshots, links, and any other digital media that you want. There are never-ending options, and you can use them.


4. Text tweets should be brief always


In fact, the most common tweets are between 110-120 characters, according to the same Buffer Social Report.


5. Your mates are hashtags


They’re a fast way to achieve more exposure and followers in an untapped fan base. For example, everyone can browse the #NewMusicFriday tag and find something from you.


Do not forget to use #TBT (Throwback Thursday) and #FBF (Flash Back Friday) as an excuse for sharing videos or links to previously released songs. The #MusicMonday, #NewMusic, and #NowPlaying are other common hashtags for musicians.


Do not forget to use #TBT (Throwback Thursday) and #FBF (Flash Back Friday) as an excuse for sharing videos or links to previously released songs. The #MusicMonday, #NewMusic, and #NowPlaying are other common hashtags for musicians.


6. Regularly tweet, but don’t pause.


If someone looks up your timeline and in one week you don’t tweet, you won’t want to wash up a follow-up on yourself — so when you tweet during the day, you can just make room on your feed. Stay connected and appealing, that you are worthy to pursue, but not overwhelming — as you might be at first. Buffer Social, a social media programming tool, suggests tweeting 3 times daily to make the most of the time.


7. Calendar is everything


Buffer also gathered details about when the week or day’s best time is to tweet. Their research reveals that on weekends people use Twitter up to 14% more and that reverse tweets are higher at about 5 p.m. per week. For obvious reasons, you probably won’t have any engagements in your timezone at 4.00 am on a Tuesday morning. The times now can differ slightly depending on your personal followers, but these are excellent guidelines.


8. Goal Retweets


But if you tweet anything that is sympathetic enough to make a person feel proud enough to publish it in their own timetable (i.e. advice terms, artistic inspiration, or a nice feeling to share, you’ll get retweets, thereby increasing exposure, and more supporters. But ensure that you remain sincere or that Twitter sees through it. One specific AWAL participant, Michael Brun, is an outstanding example of how these tactics are used. Check out the following two tweets:

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