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6 New Year Commonly Believed Superstitions You Should Be Knowing

Well, there ain’t a thing which does not have superstitions around it. From festivals to food(cake) habits, we also have superstitions around the New Year as well. Yes, you heard me right. There are a few superstitions around New Year that are believed to bring good or bad fortune if not taken proper care of. You might be aware of some of these superstitions but there are these superstitions that you might have not even heard before.

So, here are a few superstitions mentioned which might surprise you or leave you completely brainstormed. Order cake online and indulge it in your New Year celebration, while you share the rest of the superstitions with your loved ones. Curious to know about these superstitions, already? Well, enhance your curiosity with these superstitions and make your loved ones know about these too. 

Well, New Year is all about celebrating time with your close ones right? Be it a family dinner or any other way to celebrate the festival, it all involves your friends and family. However, keeping a few superstitions in mind would help you celebrate the occasion in the right way. If you happen to be a little superstitious in nature, then, you might “do” and “might not do” a few things. So, here are some short and crisp lists of superstitions that will widen your knowledge about the occasion. So, let’s get started!

  • Kiss At Midnight:

Well, this is one of the most common superstitions that is believed and followed by many. The reason and logical reasoning behind kissing someone when the clock strikes midnight is that the sentiments and the affection will flow into the upcoming year well. Kissing someone special is a sure-shot way of letting them know that you would want to spend the rest of the year loving them. 

  • 12Grapes @ 12 O’Clock:

This funny food superstition that revolves around New Year is partially followed by many and partially is not in the knowledge of many. Starting with its origin, the superstition started from Spain. All you gotta do is to eat 12 grapes for a month each. 

  • Stuff Your Cupboard:

Well, it’s widely believed that it is considered unfortunate and bad luck to start your New Year with empty cupboards. Yes, you heard me right. Get good stuff and fill yr cupboards on Christmas Eve and keep them filled till the New Year. Filled and stuffed cupboards are a sign of prosperity and good fortune. Also, get an online cake delivery since it is also believed that starting the new year with sweetness fills the rest of the year with sweetness. 

  • Put Cash In Wallet:

Well, again, it is widely believed that leaving your pockets. Wallet empty on the new year is a sign of bad fortune. Empty pockets spell short of money for the rest of the upcoming year. I am sure you would not want that, right? Get a good amount of cash from the ATM before the New Year so as to bring good fortune and prosperity in your upcoming year. 

  • Don’t Clean The House:

Quite surprising, right? Especially if you are from a brown family then, it would be nothing less than a nightmare for you. However, the reason behind these superstitions is that any luck.  Good fortune would be washed away if you happen to wash the house. So, what else could be a better escape from your duties on New Year than relaxing on your bed all day long on New Year’s Eve.

  • Open the Door Midnight:

It is also considered that opening the main door of your house is like you are letting the last year go and welcoming the new year. Well, opening the door at midnight does not mean keeping it open for a long time.

Rather, it is more of keeping the door open for a second because hey. Even if you are superstitious, you can still catch a fever or cold. Send cake online through online cake delivery in Delhi to someone you love and care about at midnight so that they open the door exactly at 12 am and also get a delicious cake at the same time.

So, these were some basic and commonly believed New Year superstitions that you should take care of.

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