It doesn’t get easier – you get better. In other words, you improve your stamina. Whether it is to run faster and longer or to prepare for a competition, the goal of every athlete is to improve their endurance so that they can last longer precisely when they are at their peak.

Have you just started a new fitness routine or are you trying to break a halt in your progress? No matter what point you are at, you can use a few endurance strengthening strategies to improve your strength, flexibility, and endurance. In 2020 due to this pandemic we, spend most of our time watching Netflix, kissanime, and playing video games, and this affects our fitness very badly. You will soon be able to master a speed, weight, or distance that currently seem insurmountable to you without any problems if you follow these tips:

1. Start slowly
Mastering movements requires determination. Training that slowly builds on one another improves endurance and counteracts injuries. Just like the phrase “slowly but surely”. Are you a runner? Try to add an extra mile to a long weekend run every week. Start with two kilometers, then three, four, five. Skip the weekend run every fourth week so that your body can regenerate and regain its strength. In the fifth week, you start again to run a kilometer longer every week – now it’s six. Perseverance pays off.

2. Remain continuous
According to the EVO philosophy, movement is a continuous interaction between us and our environment. Continuous exercise improves your aerobic capacity (the amount of oxygen your muscles can use). This will make you stronger and improve your endurance. Schedule three to four workouts a week. Each session should last at least 30 minutes. Make time for a longer workout once a week. For example, how about swimming for an hour every Saturday?

3. Bring variation in your training
Variety has positive effects on both your physical endurance and mental patience. We just made the case for taking it slowly and gradually, but when you are halfway through your workout and your heart rate has not increased, you are not improving your endurance. However, exercising at a fast pace can cause lactic acid to build up, which in turn slows you down. Incorporating short, high-intensity units into your training helps to free your bloodstream of lactic acid more quickly and thus improve your condition. This also makes longer training units more entertaining and you do something for your speed at the same time.

4. Rest breaks are fundamental
No condition without enough sleep. The more you challenge yourself and push your body to its limits, the more important recovery phases become between training sessions. That means sleeping at least eight hours a night and not exercising too close to bedtime. Do not do anything stimulating an hour before you go to bed – so night workouts are not a good idea.

5. Eat right
If you want to improve your endurance, you have to eat accordingly. Proper nutrition is essential to improve your stamina. Carbohydrates, whole grain products, brown rice, and oatmeal are important sources of energy for runners, for example. Avoid industrial products and sugar – although they provide short-term energy, it doesn’t last long. The first half an hour immediately after training is the ideal time window for a protein-rich meal. The body receives all the important nutrients it needs to recover between workouts – and you can start your next workout even stronger.

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