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5 Myths about New York Debunked

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New York City is a dream vacation destination. It has everything, from natural attractions scattered throughout the city, huge scrappers to a vibrant nightlife. All these make NYC a wonderful travel destination. However, like any other destination, there are some myths associated with New York too, and know housing swap here, in this post; we’ll be busting five of these. So, scroll down and have a look:-

1 it’s Not a Safe City

This is the most common misconception among first-time visitors to NYC that it isn’t a safe city. But, this is completely untrue, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s recent investigation data revealed that it is a safer city than Sandiego, California, and San Jose. Also, the 2017 Economist Safe Cities Index rated NYC to be the safest city in the world.

housing swap

Some people picture NYC as one urban jungle, where criminals take to the streets when the sun goes down. Such things have been shown in blockbuster Hollywood movies like Taxi Driver, Midnight Cowboy, etc. Yes, these are not true today. NYC has evolved in terms of law and order to create a happy and safe place for residents and tourists alike.

In fact, the crime rate in NYC has steadily gone down over the last three decades.

2 It Is an Insanely Expensive City

The truth is, it is a lot affordable to live in NYC, and then travel to the world’s economic capital for a family vacation or housing swap. While the accommodation here is pricey, if you do a little research, you’ll end up finding affordable hotel rooms in New York is possible.

The secret to saving money while on a business or recreational trip to NYC is to live like the New Yorkers. Eat where the locals eat, not the tourists, this way you’ll save big money every time you dine outside the hotel room.

By taking the Subway, instead of a cab, you can save up hundreds on each trip.

There are so many attractions in NYC, such as wonderful parks and museums,

That is free.

3 New Yorkers Are Rude

A big “No,” New Yorkers are not rude; instead they are just like anyone else living and working in a big city that is enveloped by the hustles and bustles of fast-paced urban life. While people may avoid eye contact or start a conversation, that’s because they are rushed and don’t want to waste a single second of their life.

If you want to know who a real New Yorker is, invite them to your place for a beer on a relaxed Friday evening, then you’ll witness how chill out these guys actually are.

Moreover, New Yorkers are helping people. They’ll guide you to your destination or even take your pictures between the statues. And, don’t worry, if you’re English is not up to the mark, this is not Britain, New Yorkers have experience talking to people of diverse accents.

4 New York is Manhattan

If you’ve watched the popular T.V. series such as Friends and Seinfeld or movies and the City, you’ll easily deduce Manhattan is the synonym for New York. But, that’s completely untrue.  Manhattan is merely 10% of the entire NYC territory.

The five boroughs that make up NYC is:

  • Staten Island
  • Bronx,
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Manhattan

Each of these has its very own culture, communities, and architecture, so there’s plenty more to see in NYC than in Manhattan.

You require a proper plan to explore some top nature and made attractions throughout these five boroughs.

5 NYC is Always Crowded

Yes, it is true, NYC like any other major city is a little crowded during Christmas and New Years’ week or when it’s spring, but this is only for the centre of town. There is always free space and fresh air to breathe throughout NYC.

You can hold hands of your soul mate, licking ice creams, and witness the breathtaking views of the setting sun with not many crowds around you. And, there are still places like Central Park where the sounds of chirping birds will.

Let’s Wrap Up

So, are you ready to hit the streets of New York, but perplexed when it comes to choosing the right place to stay that meets your family’s expectations? Don’t worry; ditch an expensive hotel room for a homely exchange stay, thanks to a housing swap. And, when you do join a housing swap website, browse a couple of options, and connect with the right home swapper, and get the deal without the expenditure of money.

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