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5 Common Obstacles Faces While Printing Custom Wine Boxes

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Want to know the obstacles faced during the designing and printing of cardboard wine boxes? Here are the top difficulties in the process and the way to minimize them. Modern packaging designs used in the market are changing the industry as they are bringing a revolution in the traditional ways of shipping and are making the storage process and protection of products more reliable. Cardboard wine boxes are now taking the place of traditional wooden crates that were used for the storage and shipping of wines. These boxes are manufactured of high-quality corrugated cardboard materials and are perfect for keeping the risks of damage and contamination away from the products. They can also be printed in any desired graphics to serve the promotional functions of packaging and helps the businesses to elevate sales.

An Overview

Ensuring the protection of products is one of the biggest challenges for businesses as they have to consider a bundle of aspects and make the packaging highly functional and sturdy. When it comes to the protection of wines, the process is even difficult as these products are vulnerable to physical impacts and mishandling as they are shipped in glass bottles that are brittle and fragile. Moreover, wines are also vulnerable to contaminating factors, dust, fluctuation in temperature, and bundles of other factors. Businesses must use the top packaging designs that are highly functional and sturdy and can also keep the risks of stacking to a minimum. Wine box packaging manufactured of cardboard and Kraft is perfect for the process as it is highly sturdy and protective and resists all sorts of damaging and contaminating factors efficiently. These boxes are also superior in versatile nature and can be printed with creative graphics and illustrations to meet the promotional requirements.

Why Is Printing Important?

Printing helps businesses to unleash the promotional potentials of the packaging. The packaging designs used in the past weren’t effective in the promotional values as the printing options were limited and were only used for the labeling process. The new wine packaging is totally different from the one used in the past as the printing and lamination options are highly effective and versatile; thus, they can be used for printing any graphics of choice. The printing options can help to elevate the functional nature of the packaging along with helping the businesses to make their sales skyrocket and get better profits. There are some common obstacles that every product manufacturer faces while printing the boxes.

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The Use Of Inappropriate Configurations

By using the available printing options, businesses communicate with the consumers in addition to elevating the visuals of the design. Creatively designed packaging can be the perfect tool for businesses to elevate their reach in the market in addition to making the sales of businesses to skyrocket. The printing options for wine box packaging are highly versatile, and graphics can be printed in both CMYK and PMS configurations. It is crucial to select the right configurations in an attempt to make the visuals perfect. Otherwise, the packaging will lack the charm to promote the products.

Low Readability Of The Labeling

Labeling is always important for the packaging as it helps to bridge the communication gap between the consumers and product manufacturers and helps the brands to get better feedback from the consumers. Businesses must improve the readability of the communicated message for elevating the experience for the consumers. There are some obstacles in the process, such as the low readability of the communicated message that can be due to the wrong selection of font or grammatical errors in the copy. These issues can be omitted by copy proofreading and using appropriate fonts that are high in readability.

Blurred Artwork

The packaging of your products is the face of your brand, and it should be perfect in all aspects. The consumers take the visuals of the packaging as a hint for the quality of the placed product in the packaging, and it is essential for the businesses to make it as perfect as they can to get the best sales outcomes. Sometimes, the designer may select the best visuals and artwork, but the inappropriate size of the graphic file can result in unappealing and blurry packaging. It is due to the low DPI ratio of the artwork, it is always important to select high-quality images for the printing, and the size of graphics should be about 300 DPI for getting the best and vivid visuals.

Visuals Over Functionality

The packaging design used for the products is their protective barrier and helps to keep the risks of damage and contamination away from the goods. It is also important for businesses to make the packaging design best in the protective nature and elevate the security of the products. One of the common obstacles in the designing process is sacrificing the functionality of packaging over the visual appeal of the design, and it may result in a lot of complications. It is always essential for the designer to make the functionality of packaging as their prior responsibility as shipping the products in appealing boxes will never be enough if the products placed inside the boxes are damaged.

Incongruous Use Of Space

The potentials of modern packaging used in the market are simply inevitable, and it has the ultimate ability to elevate the visuals of the products in addition to making the protection of product dynamic.  Wine packaging can prove to be the ultimate tool for the businesses if designed creatively and can help the brands to elevate their sales and profits in the market. One of the common problems faced during printing is the inappropriate use of packaging space. These boxes for wine are perfect in protective nature but making the visuals appealing requires a bundle of considerations. It is always recommended to use the space available on the packaging creatively in an attempt to elevate the visuals and appeal of the design in hooking the attention of consumers.

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