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Yes, that's Chomsky, from the back, in the comic strip Zippy by Bill Griffith on December 10, 2006.

Chomsky and Hawk

This migrating rough-legged hawk was spotted by Tom Warg, who works at the pierogi and heavy equipment rental building across the road (you can see it behind Zippy, above).

Chomsky and Charlie

This tiny guy turned up in May 2009, a camera in his hand and his name carefully printed on his back. Charlie hung with us a while and then, without a goodbye, disappeared. (The rainbow is real, but a little enhanced.)

Chomsky and Graham Parker

A publicity photo in The Poughkeepsie Journal tipped us off that musician Graham Parker is a pal of Chomsky's (and Charlie's).

Roaming Gnome

The Travelocity Roaming Gnome came to offer his congratulations when he heard about Chomsky winning the Guinness World record. Bryan McClean and Paul Sommer look on.

Chomsky in Philly

Sue Cosgrove send us a photo of her garden Chomsky in Philadelphia, Ben Franklin Bridge in the background. We think he looks good in blue and pink, and oh, those golden slippers! Nice paint job Sue!

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