Friends of Chomsky

We've been lucky to have had the help of lots of people with Homegrown Mini-Golf and the World's Largest Garden Gnome. We'd like to take the opportunity here to thank them for their generosity in helping us in large ways and small. Homegrown Mini-Golf wouldn't be possible without them.

A few have been especially important. Chris and Jackie Kelder have been unfailingly supportive, experienced partners in this roadside experiment. The whole staff at Kelder's is wonderful. Chris Butler, Maria's partner, has always pitched in and saved the day, when needed. Chris Hewitt, Country Wisdom and Abby Goldfarb, Hollengold Farm have been great.

Many people have helped us in ways too diverse to describe here, but we can't do a whole website without at least a token thanks. We are so grateful to Accra Shepp, Ajax Greene, Alonzo Grace, Alyson Pou, Ann Marie Lonsdale, Amber Hawk Swanson, Amber Clark, Andrew Hickey, Andy Lewis, Bob Townley, Bond Brungard, Brad Lichtenstein, Brian Machon, Bruce Davenport, Carl Frankel, Carol Dennin, Chris Ramirez, Daniel Zenote, Danny and Kathy Schoonmaker, Dave Yoder, Deborah Artman, Elizabeth Panzer, Emilia Stern, Eve Mosher, Ian Crovisier, Ian Hayes, Jeremiah Horrigan, Jesse Towey, Jill McClean, Johnny the Sawdust King, Jonathan Nedbor, Katie Young, Kelly McGrath, Lisa Crafts, Lisa Jessup, Lisa Kellogg, Liza Norman, Mary Darcy, Matthew Deleget, Maurice Hinchey, Melissa Everett, Michael Seigel, Nancy Chusid, Nicole Quinn, Pam Duke, Pamela Mason Wagner, Paul Kirby, Rich Corozine, Richard Travers, Risa Mickenberg, Robin Baker, Sarah Auld, Sarah Gantz, Shannon Gallagher, Shelley Wyant, Steve Lambert, Steven Ott, Sue Bruck, Sue Schaffner, Susan Perrin, and Wayne Kelder. Thanks to all of you. If you would like me to link your name to something, or something else, please let me know.

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The following groups and local businesses totally rock!

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